The Best Free Resource for Autism Diagnosis and Management

I want to tell you about the best free resource for autism I have ever used. A log. No, not a piece of wood that

It’s about Relationships, Not Her Autism – I Love You Mom!

Welcome back!!! Today I’ve been thinking a lot about getting ready for Mother’s Day!!! Of course, that involves scrubbing down the house, so we can just

A Guide to Girls and Autism

If you like this article and want to read more, don't forget to subscribe! As a “girl” with autism, the subject of girls and autism

Autism and Employment: Why Difficulty in School May Not Indicate Difficulty at Work

Autism and Employment Many autistic people with whom I speak express concern about working or about their loved one with autism working. All

7 Traits High Functioning Autists Should Rely On to Drive Them to Success!

Some of the traits listed here are highly visible and commonly associated with high functioning autism. Others may be invisible to the outside observer, but I

What Girls and Women with Autism Want to Hear and Why

"You are enough. Just you." So simple, right? We sometimes say it, but do we really mean that? Because it doesn't count if you don't

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What Her Autism is All About

Our Vision

Our Vision is to close the gap between autists and others.

Our Mission

Her Autism was founded to provide a platform and to deliver information and services for the opening of a dialogue that demonstrates the complementary nature of the strengths and weaknesses of autists and others.

Our Promise

At Her Autism, we promise to provide a safe and natural environment in which to learn, share and move toward a single community.