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Autism and Personality: 6 Awesome Tools To Help You Get To Know You!

You have autism AND a personality. You probably know plenty about autism. Want to know more about your personality? Check out these awesome resources.

How to Overcome Task Avoidance and See Your Full Potential for the First Time

Photo Credit: Efetova Anna/Shutterstock.com Task Avoidance Even if you're a master at task avoidance, you can only avoid a task for

Managing Autism with the Zero-Based Budget

Photo Credit: megaflopp/Shutterstock.com What’s a zero-based budget and what does it have to do with autism??? Excellent question. The answer is more than

The Truth About Autism and Multi-Tasking at Work

Photo Credit: Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock.com Autism and Multi-tasking I hear it all the time: People with autism can't/or struggle to multi-task. Who really knows whether

Autism and Writing: Writing in a Network

Photo Credit: Rachel Amott/Shutterstock.com Autism and Writing: My Struggle “I am a terrible writer.” That was my message to myself and was it any

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What Her Autism is All About

Our Vision

To be a premier provider of everyday solutions for autists living in a neurotypical world.

Our Mission

To provide a platform and to deliver information and services girls and women living with autism in a neurotypical world.

Our Promise

To provide a safe, natural, judgment-free environment in which to learn, share and grow.

Our Philosophy

To provide a customizable, step-by-step, forward-focused, whole-family approach with an emphasis on preparedness and optimization. We always celebrate wins!