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Managing the Invisible Costs of Autism and Mental Health Care

While there is no treatment for autism, those of you who follow along know that I have a definite strategy for managing it. You can

6 Factors In Deciding Whether To Disclose Your Autism Diagnosis

So you may be thinking about seeking an autism diagnosis, or maybe you have just been diagnosed. This diagnosis maybe came as

Working with Autism (Part I): Facing Down Discrimination

I started by writing what I thought would be a simple article about things that can make it harder for us (people with autism

Dear Women with Autism: Be “Chameleons” No More! Let’s Get to Know YOU!

Note: This post contains an affiliate link. It's Good To Fit In, Right? Maybe just like me, you have come to realize that

10 Things You Experienced As an Autistic Woman (Plus 1 Thing You Hopefully Experienced)

10 Things You Probably Experienced If You're an Autistic Woman You have been told that Autism does not exist in girls and women. People

I Just Learned I Have Autism. Where Do I Go from Here?

"I Have Autism" You play it over and over in your mind. "I have autism." "How did this happen?" you wonder. Kids have

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What Her Autism is All About

Our Vision

To be a premier provider of everyday solutions for autists living in a neurotypical world.

Our Mission

To provide a platform and to deliver information and services girls and women living with autism in a neurotypical world.

Our Promise

To provide a safe, natural, judgment-free environment in which to learn, share and grow.

Our Philosophy

To provide a whole family approach that is customizable, step by step, and forward focused, with an emphasis on preparedness and optimization, offering support when needed, and a toolbox approach. We always celebrate wins!