My GREATEST Struggle As An Autist: Identifying Safe People

Once I knew of my autism, I spent time trying to determine what single issue, above all else, I wish I had had help avoiding. I brainstormed, made lists, and pondered, and then in a spontaneous moment of insight, I realized it was something I hadn’t even yet considered and it made everything else seem

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Autism and Employment: Why Difficulty in School May Not Indicate Difficulty at Work

Autism and Employment Many autistic people with whom I speak express concern about working or about their loved one with autism working. All too frequently, they cite the difficulty of themselves or their autist in school. Just like college was easier for me than high school, some of my jobs proved easier than school.

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Are the Meltdowns of Someone Who Has Autism Really Abnormal?

I think, probably controversially, that meltdowns are not abnormal reactions to what autistic people are experiencing. I believe that some experiences of those with autism are so outside the expectations or experiences of those around them who do not have autism as to be considered minor or unimportant. As a result, we deem the behavior that makes

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The “Degree” of a High Functioning Autist May Reference a College Degree!

High Functioning Autism and College For those of you with high functioning autism who want to obtain a college degree there are some things I would like to share with you. This topic is near and dear to my heart. Having gone to public school, a state college and a private law school, I believed

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Autism and School: Down with the BLURB!!

School was hard for me. Super hard. It got easier, much easier, once I reached college, but the first twelve years - rough. Autism and School I made it clear through law school, but every moment of that process was tough. As I have already pointed out in one of my posts, for every text book I

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