Hugs and Autism: I Want to Help U Get Better

Hugs and Autism. Just the two words together seem overwhelming. Hugging presents such a difficult topic for many families in which someone is autistic. While some researchers are starting to try to explain it, it remains a tough subject. I know that when many women envision starting a family they

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A Guide to Girls and Autism

If you like this article and want to read more, don't forget to subscribe! As a “girl” with autism, the subject of girls and autism is dear to my heart. In spite of the questions I get about girls and autism, until now, I hadn’t prepared an adequate response. I simply told people what it

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Are the Meltdowns of Someone Who Has Autism Really Abnormal?

I think, probably controversially, that meltdowns are not abnormal reactions to what autistic people are experiencing. I believe that some experiences of those with autism are so outside the expectations or experiences of those around them who do not have autism as to be considered minor or unimportant. As a result, we deem the behavior that makes

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Autism and School: Down with the BLURB!!

School was hard for me. Super hard. It got easier, much easier, once I reached college, but the first twelve years - rough. Autism and School I made it clear through law school, but every moment of that process was tough. As I have already pointed out in one of my posts, for every text book I

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The Counterintuitive Nature of Autism

Counterintuitive - my word to describe dealing with autism. Counterintuitive. I want to open this discussion with a super simple example. When my autistic daughter was an infant, her muscle tone (or hypotonia) was so low that she struggled to eat. (Lots of kiddos with autism also have these types of issues. It is not necessarily a

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Comorbidity: Life with Autism and Its Closest “Friends”

Comorbidity I so dislike like this name. How gloomy and doomy can one word be? Why do we choose such dreadful words to label issues faced by people who are already facing so much? (Speaking of names, don’t even get me started on Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). Who thought it would be okay to

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Coming Home: The Clarity of Knowing My Confusion Stemmed from Autism

People frequently ask me whether I am glad I was diagnosed with autism, whether I am glad I know. One day, Emma (author of the Life with Her section of this blog and my daughter) spoke with my mom about my diagnosis. She later told me that my mom kept saying, “If we had known, things would

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The Seemingly Contradictory Journey of Girls with Autism

Though some think autism does not exist in girls, you travel that truth every day. Appearing to alternate between silent and overwhelmed, your demeanor camouflages your fascination with the landscape. Though you do not express your joys and struggles, you experience them as you do the highest of hills and the lowest of valleys.

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