The Most Important Similarity between Accommodations and Competitive Advantage

In the world of issues like autism, ADD/ADHD, mental illness, physical illness/disability, terms like “504 plan,” “IEP,” and “accommodations” are commonplace. As a multi-outcome-single-tasker, however, I want to suggest that along that same vein should come the term “personal competitive advantage.” Why? Because the underlying skills needed to achieve both accommodations and a personal

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Autism and Socialization: When Socialization is a Conscious Process

Given our tremendous educational systems and attention to learning and growth, it is amazing to me that we still think of one of the most important learning processes as unconscious. The Sociology Guide defines the process of socialization as “predominately an unconscious process by which a newborn learns the values, beliefs, rules and regulations

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Lessons on Autism Acceptance from “The Princess and the Pea” (for Old and Young Alike!)

Autism Acceptance For the autism community, autism acceptance appears to be a distant goal. Because of my experiences and those shared with me by others, autism acceptance has become an important issue for me. Having only learned of my diagnosis 2 years ago at the time of this writing, I have so

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The “Degree” of a High Functioning Autist May Reference a College Degree!

High Functioning Autism and College For those of you with high functioning autism who want to obtain a college degree there are some things I would like to share with you. This topic is near and dear to my heart. Having gone to public school, a state college and a private law school, I believed

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Autism and School: Down with the BLURB!!

School was hard for me. Super hard. It got easier, much easier, once I reached college, but the first twelve years - rough. Autism and School I made it clear through law school, but every moment of that process was tough. As I have already pointed out in one of my posts, for every text book I

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After a Diagnosis of Autism, Life Became “Decidedly” Easier

I Had Learned a Lot about the World... Making decisions without information can easily result in making wrong or at least less than optimal decisions. I made major life decisions without a critical piece of information - the truth underlying the difference between myself and others. (You can read about how I got my diagnosis

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