The Most Important Similarity between Accommodations and Competitive Advantage

In the world of issues like autism, ADD/ADHD, mental illness, physical illness/disability, terms like “504 plan,” “IEP,” and “accommodations” are commonplace. As a multi-outcome-single-tasker, however, I want to suggest that along that same vein should come the term “personal competitive advantage.” Why? Because the underlying skills needed to achieve both accommodations and a personal

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Life with Autism: Celebrate What You Are Actually Doing!

Have you ever felt just totally defeated when you were in a time of crisis, or maybe every day felt like a crisis? Or maybe you have found yourself telling a friend or family member you just could not keep going the way you were going. You were tired, stressed, done. I have totally

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9 Essentials for Creating a Life You Love with Her Autism

You are so important to me. You are why I created Her Autism. Because I care about YOU! Your struggles matter to me. That maybe I could help you avoid going through all of the things I have gone through gives me hope that maybe I went through those things for a reason. The

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Taking Care of Yourself When You are Hanging by a Thread

  With autism comes a lot of other stuff. It can be truly hard to find time for taking care of yourself. I've written a post on comorbidity (disorders that occur frequently with autism), and you can read that post "Comorbidity: Life with Autism and Its Closest Friends," but in addition

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7 Traits High Functioning Autists Should Rely On to Drive Them to Success!

Some of the traits listed here are highly visible and commonly associated with high functioning autism. Others may be invisible to the outside observer, but I think most of you autists will see yourselves here. These traits often develop as a result of the effort required for a high functioning autist to exist in a neurotypical

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Short and Sweet List of Suggestions for Surviving and Thriving with Autism during the Holidays

The holidays are here! Hooray! Right? I generally get really excited about the holidays, but sometimes the approach of occasions that should be readily and happily anticipated can cause dread and anxiety. Having autism, I love living according to routines, and more than living according to routines, I love to be in control. I used

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The Strangest Thing about My Autism

The strangest thing about my autism is that things that are hard for me because of my autism are frequently also possible, maybe even easier, because of it. So many times I have found that a weakness inflicted by autism created the need to implement a tool, the building of which

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