Autism and Sleep: Do You Sleep Like A Princess?

Autism and Sleep In a world where researchers have developed charts and tables for how much sleep you need, sleep becomes just one more place autists don’t fit in the box. I dislike generalizations, but for purposes of discussion they are so darn convenient. One of the generalizations about autists is that they struggle

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My GREATEST Struggle As An Autist: Identifying Safe People

Once I knew of my autism, I spent time trying to determine what single issue, above all else, I wish I had had help avoiding. I brainstormed, made lists, and pondered, and then in a spontaneous moment of insight, I realized it was something I hadn’t even yet considered and it made everything else seem

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Autism and Accountability: How to Know When to Hold an Autistic Child Accountable

Autism and Accountability It can be really tough to determine those things for which it is okay to hold someone accountable. It can be especially difficult in relationships between autists and neuortypical folks - for both parties to the relationship. I get a lot of questions from parents about whether/when, they can hold their

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Autism and Socialization: When Socialization is a Conscious Process

Given our tremendous educational systems and attention to learning and growth, it is amazing to me that we still think of one of the most important learning processes as unconscious. The Sociology Guide defines the process of socialization as “predominately an unconscious process by which a newborn learns the values, beliefs, rules and regulations

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Lessons on Autism Acceptance from “The Princess and the Pea” (for Old and Young Alike!)

Autism Acceptance For the autism community, autism acceptance appears to be a distant goal. Because of my experiences and those shared with me by others, autism acceptance has become an important issue for me. Having only learned of my diagnosis 2 years ago at the time of this writing, I have so

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Autism and the Holidays: Make This Year Joyful! [with Audio]

Autism and the Holidays So the holidays are coming, and it's a time of fun and happiness and joy. But like so many other things that don't go smoothly with autism, autism and the holidays can present unique challenges. Joy to the world, right? I bet sometimes it feels like joy is

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9 Essentials for Creating a Life You Love with Her Autism

You are so important to me. You are why I created Her Autism. Because I care about YOU! Your struggles matter to me. That maybe I could help you avoid going through all of the things I have gone through gives me hope that maybe I went through those things for a reason. The

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Hugs and Autism: I Want to Help U Get Better

Hugs and Autism. Just the two words together seem overwhelming. Hugging presents such a difficult topic for many families in which someone is autistic. While some researchers are starting to try to explain it, it remains a tough subject. I know that when many women envision starting a family they

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The Counterintuitive Nature of Autism

Counterintuitive - my word to describe dealing with autism. Counterintuitive. I want to open this discussion with a super simple example. When my autistic daughter was an infant, her muscle tone (or hypotonia) was so low that she struggled to eat. (Lots of kiddos with autism also have these types of issues. It is not necessarily a

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From a Mom with Autism: The Challenge of Raising “Normal” Kids

We see articles and blogs about parents with autistic kids. We assume this combination is the only combination: “normal” parents caring for kids with autism. But I would venture to guess that the reverse occurs more commonly than anyone realizes. After all, few girls and women with autism have been diagnosed. In addition, a fair number of autistic

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