How To Keep Swimming When You Feel Like You’re Drowning in Medical Expenses

With the introduction of autism or other medical or mental health issues in your life, you may find that (through no fault of your own) you have more expenses than your budget can manage. Even though you most people couldn’t handle it financially, you may find yourself feeling lost, guilty, or overwhelmed. You

Autism and My Sensory War on Peas

Sensory War on Peas Let me tell you Autism can wreaks havoc on your senses. These sensory issues can manifest in lots of ways. If you've experienced similar sensory nightmares, you'll be able to relate, AND I would love to hear your stories! If not, this articule is for you!

Why Autistics Should Choose Safety Over “Comfort”

Many of us autistics live outside our comfort zone. We have to as most of life is outside of it! What if I suggested to you that life outside your comfort zone is an okay thing? Would that freak you out? Maybe not. And for the simple reason mentioned above! But what if

Autism and Puberty: Get Your Daughter Ready!

Autism and Puberty Navigating autism and puberty with young girls doesn't have to be terrifying. Of course there are challenges. For those with girls overwhelmed by sight of blood, the feel of pads, or the emotional flood of PMS, it can be a tough road. But, it's doable. I know because I have walked

Managing the Invisible Costs of Autism and Mental Health Care

While there is no treatment for autism, those of you who follow along know that I have a definite strategy for managing it. You can check that out in my post, “My Strategy for the ‘Treatment’ of Autism.” In this strategy is the idea that you should treat everything else and

6 Factors In Deciding Whether To Disclose Your Autism Diagnosis

So you may be thinking about seeking an autism diagnosis, or maybe you have just been diagnosed. This diagnosis maybe came as a "holy-cow-how-did-this-happen?" kind of shock. (I kept wondering how in the world I was just being diagnosed at the age of 44!) Maybe in addition to being a shock; however, it's also

I Just Learned I Have Autism. Where Do I Go from Here?

"I Have Autism" You play it over and over in your mind. "I have autism." "How did this happen?" you wonder. Kids have autism. Boys have autism. Full grown, adult women do NOT have autism, so how could you possibly have autism??? Yeah, your kids have it, maybe your hubby

Yes, There Is Such a Thing As Adults with Autism

One in sixty-eight kids are believed to have autism. That is the statistic everyone hears. Look at it again. One in sixty-eight “children.” What no one hears when this statistic is shared with them is that autism does in fact exist in adults. I know this because I have autism, and I am an

What Has To Happen for Autism Acceptance?

The controversy around Autism Awareness Month continues, but the controversy continues to grow. In the past the argument centered on autism awareness versus autism acceptance. Now the divide has grown to autism awareness versus autism acceptance as action. As I point out in my post, “Autism Awareness, Acceptance or Action, Where Are We Really?”

Could I Have Autism? Is That Even Possible?

It Can’t Be ME, But It Can’t NOT Be ME “Could I have autism?" you wonder. "It can’t be me,” you think. “I don’t want to have it,” you think. Yet you realize that having it would mean everything about your life somehow suddenly made perfect sense. Maybe you discovered one or more people