Autism Awareness, Acceptance, or Action: Where Are We Really?

One of my contributions to Autism Awareness Month this year is going to be to take a look at where we really are. Are we working on awareness? Acceptance? Action? Maybe most importantly, I want to consider what happens when we do one without the others. Awareness, Acceptance, Action: Let’s Take Them One

Autism Awareness Month: I Am Not a Puzzle Piece

We're closing in on April, so that means it's almost time for Autism Awareness Month. In the past, Autism Awareness Month found itself surrounded by controversy about whether it should be “Autism Awareness Month” or “Autism Acceptance Month.” This year I notice that people are suggesting it should be “Autism Action Month” (which I

Autism and Sleep: Do You Sleep Like A Princess?

Autism and Sleep In a world where researchers have developed charts and tables for how much sleep you need, sleep becomes just one more place autists don’t fit in the box. I dislike generalizations, but for purposes of discussion they are so darn convenient. One of the generalizations about autists is that they struggle

My Strategy for the “Treatment of Autism” [with Audio]

Treatment Of Autism The treatment of autism is a tough subject. I know there are some therapies out there aimed at autism, but I have to admit, there is nothing to which I would subject myself or my kiddos. A bold statement for the beginning of a post,

My Hypersensitivity Nightmare and How I Overcome It

Hypersensitivity and Autism We hear a lot about the hypersensitivity of people with autism, and I wanted to actually take a minute to give you an example of just one area in which I am hypersensitive and how that hypersensitivity has played out in my life. The difficulty that this

The Best Free Resource for Autism Diagnosis and Management

I want to tell you about the best free resource for autism I have ever used. A log. No, not a piece of wood that has fallen from a tree, but a journal - a dated maybe time-stamped listing of activities and events. Once I started using a log, I

A Guide to Girls and Autism

As a “girl” with autism, the subject of girls and autism is dear to my heart. In spite of the questions I get about girls and autism, until now, I hadn’t prepared an adequate response. I simply told people what it was like for me and gave a really general answer. So, I

Comorbidity: Life with Autism and Its Closest “Friends”

Comorbidity I so dislike like this name. How gloomy and doomy can one word be? Why did we choose such dreadful words to label issues faced by people who are already facing so much? (Speaking of names, don’t even get me started on Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). Who thought it would be okay to

Autism, Chocolate, and a Fire-Breathing Dragon

We all have that family story, the one that new friends hear as a part of their friendship orientation package, and this is my story. We have also probably all heard stories or seen the struggles of individuals, family or friends struggling with the meltdowns of someone with autism. Well, this story is that for me as

Coming Home: The Clarity of Knowing My Confusion Stemmed from Autism

People frequently ask me whether I am glad I was diagnosed with autism, whether I am glad I know. One day, my daughter Emma spoke with my mom about my diagnosis. She later told me that my mom kept saying, “If we had known, things would have been different.” That sentiment exactly mirrors how I feel.