I Just Learned I Have Autism. Where Do I Go from Here?

"I Have Autism" You play it over and over in your mind. "I have autism." "How did this happen?" you wonder. Kids have autism. Boys have autism. Full grown, adult women do NOT have autism, so how could you possibly have autism??? Yeah, your kids have it, maybe your hubby

Yes, There Is Such a Thing As Adults with Autism

One in sixty-eight kids are believed to have autism. That is the statistic everyone hears. Look at it again. One in sixty-eight “children.” What no one hears when this statistic is shared with them is that autism does in fact exist in adults. I know this because I have autism, and I am an

What Has To Happen for Autism Acceptance?

The controversy around Autism Awareness Month continues, but the controversy continues to grow. In the past the argument centered on autism awareness versus autism acceptance. Now the divide has grown to autism awareness versus autism acceptance as action. As I point out in my post, “Autism Awareness, Acceptance or Action, Where Are We Really?”

Could I Have Autism? Is That Even Possible?

It Can’t Be ME, But It Can’t NOT Be ME “Could I have autism?" you wonder. "It can’t be me,” you think. “I don’t want to have it,” you think. Yet you realize that having it would mean everything about your life somehow suddenly made perfect sense. Maybe you discovered one or more people

Autism Awareness, Acceptance, or Action: Where Are We Really?

One of my contributions to Autism Awareness Month this year is going to be to take a look at where we really are. Are we working on awareness? Acceptance? Action? Maybe most importantly, I want to consider what happens when we do one without the others. Awareness, Acceptance, Action: Let’s Take Them One

6 Style Suggestions You May Want to Ignore If You Are A Woman With Autism

The World Cares Seriously, the world cares what you wear. I don’t know why, but it does. “Dress for success,” and all that. As a woman with Autism, I have little or no desire to be fashionable. I don’t have a desire to not be fashionable, I just prefer to be comfortable. While I

Autism Awareness Month: I Am Not a Puzzle Piece

We're closing in on April, so that means it's almost time for Autism Awareness Month. In the past, Autism Awareness Month found itself surrounded by controversy about whether it should be “Autism Awareness Month” or “Autism Acceptance Month.” This year I notice that people are suggesting it should be “Autism Action Month” (which I

Autism and Sleep: Do You Sleep Like A Princess?

Autism and Sleep In a world where researchers have developed charts and tables for how much sleep you need, sleep becomes just one more place autists don’t fit in the box. I dislike generalizations, but for purposes of discussion they are so darn convenient. One of the generalizations about autists is that they struggle

My GREATEST Struggle As An Autist: Identifying Safe People

Once I knew of my autism, I spent time trying to determine what single issue, above all else, I wish I had had help avoiding. I brainstormed, made lists, and pondered, and then in a spontaneous moment of insight, I realized it was something I hadn’t even yet considered and it made everything else seem

“Twas the Night Before Christmas” Through the Eyes of an Autist

Growing up, I had no idea I was an autist. But there were certain things I loved or that stood out for me and the story "Twas the Night Before Christmas" was one of them. (A reprint of the story can be found below just in case you haven’t read it in a while!)