Autism and Accountability: How to Know When to Hold an Autistic Child Accountable

Autism and Accountability It can be really tough to determine those things for which it is okay to hold someone accountable. It can be especially difficult in relationships between autists and neuortypical folks - for both parties to the relationship. I get a lot of questions from parents about whether/when, they can hold their

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Autism and Employment: Why Difficulty in School May Not Indicate Difficulty at Work

Autism and Employment Many autistic people with whom I speak express concern about working or about their loved one with autism working. All too frequently, they cite the difficulty of themselves or their autist in school. Just like college was easier for me than high school, some of my jobs proved easier than school.

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Are the Meltdowns of Someone Who Has Autism Really Abnormal?

I think, probably controversially, that meltdowns are not abnormal reactions to what autistic people are experiencing. I believe that some experiences of those with autism are so outside the expectations or experiences of those around them who do not have autism as to be considered minor or unimportant. As a result, we deem the behavior that makes

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The Autist Becomes the Instructor: The DRIVING Instructor!!

Before we give our kids the keys to the car, we to teach them to drive. I can’t think of anything that “better” brought out and demonstrated my symptoms as someone with high functioning autism than teaching my kiddos to drive! As a homeschool mom, I love to serve (You can read about my love of

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