Autism and Sleep: Do You Sleep Like A Princess?

Autism and Sleep In a world where researchers have developed charts and tables for how much sleep you need, sleep becomes just one more place autists don’t fit in the box. I dislike generalizations, but for purposes of discussion they are so darn convenient. One of the generalizations about autists is that they struggle

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The Most Important Similarity between Accommodations and Competitive Advantage

In the world of issues like autism, ADD/ADHD, mental illness, physical illness/disability, terms like “504 plan,” “IEP,” and “accommodations” are commonplace. As a multi-outcome-single-tasker, however, I want to suggest that along that same vein should come the term “personal competitive advantage.” Why? Because the underlying skills needed to achieve both accommodations and a personal

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Autism and Accountability: How to Know When to Hold an Autistic Child Accountable

Autism and Accountability It can be really tough to determine those things for which it is okay to hold someone accountable. It can be especially difficult in relationships between autists and neuortypical folks - for both parties to the relationship. I get a lot of questions from parents about whether/when, they can hold their

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Hugs and Autism: I Want to Help U Get Better

Hugs and Autism. Just the two words together seem overwhelming. Hugging presents such a difficult topic for many families in which someone is autistic. While some researchers are starting to try to explain it, it remains a tough subject. I know that when many women envision starting a family they

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The Best Free Resource for Autism Diagnosis and Management

  I want to tell you about the best free resource for autism I have ever used. A log. No, not a piece of wood that has fallen from a tree, but a journal - a dated maybe time stamped listing of activities and events. Once I started using a log, I began using

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A Guide to Girls and Autism

If you like this article and want to read more, don't forget to subscribe! As a “girl” with autism, the subject of girls and autism is dear to my heart. In spite of the questions I get about girls and autism, until now, I hadn’t prepared an adequate response. I simply told people what it

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Autism and Employment: Why Difficulty in School May Not Indicate Difficulty at Work

Autism and Employment Many autistic people with whom I speak express concern about working or about their loved one with autism working. All too frequently, they cite the difficulty of themselves or their autist in school. Just like college was easier for me than high school, some of my jobs proved easier than school.

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7 Traits High Functioning Autists Should Rely On to Drive Them to Success!

Some of the traits listed here are highly visible and commonly associated with high functioning autism. Others may be invisible to the outside observer, but I think most of you autists will see yourselves here. These traits often develop as a result of the effort required for a high functioning autist to exist in a neurotypical

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What Girls and Women with Autism Want to Hear and Why

"You are enough. Just you." So simple, right? We sometimes say it, but do we really mean that? Because it doesn't count if you don't mean it. In the context of girls and women with autism we lose sight of this seemingly simple principle with a regularity that is stunning. In fact, it happens so easily

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Are the Meltdowns of Someone Who Has Autism Really Abnormal?

I think, probably controversially, that meltdowns are not abnormal reactions to what autistic people are experiencing. I believe that some experiences of those with autism are so outside the expectations or experiences of those around them who do not have autism as to be considered minor or unimportant. As a result, we deem the behavior that makes

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