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Autism and Sleep: Do You Sleep Like A Princess?

Autism and Sleep In a world where researchers have developed charts and tables for how much sleep you need, sleep becomes just one more place autists don’t fit in the box. I dislike generalizations,

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My Strategy for the “Treatment of Autism” [with Audio]

Treatment Of Autism The treatment of autism is a tough subject. I know there are some therapies out there aimed at autism, but I have to admit, there

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My Hypersensitivity Nightmare and How I Overcome It

Hypersensitivity and Autism We hear a lot about the hypersensitivity of people with autism, and I wanted to actually take a minute to give you an example of just one area in

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The Best Free Resource for Autism Diagnosis and Management

  I want to tell you about the best free resource for autism I have ever used. A log. No, not a piece of wood that has fallen from a tree, but

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A Guide to Girls and Autism

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Comorbidity: Life with Autism and Its Closest “Friends”

Comorbidity I so dislike like this name. How gloomy and doomy can one word be? Why do we choose such dreadful words to label issues faced by people who are already facing so much?