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Autism and Accountability: How to Know When to Hold an Autistic Child Accountable

Autism and Accountability It can be really tough to determine those things for which it is okay to hold someone accountable. It can be especially difficult in relationships between autists and neuortypical folks -

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Compensating for Autism by Capturing Simple, Everyday Efficiencies [with Audio]

Compensating for Autism Not long ago, I read the post of a friend on Facebook. In her post, she was bemoaning the role of never-ending laundry in her life. Granted, she has

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Autism and the Holidays: Make This Year Joyful! [with Audio]

Autism and the Holidays So the holidays are coming, and it's a time of fun and happiness and joy. But like so many other things that don't go smoothly with autism, autism

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My Hypersensitivity Nightmare and How I Overcome It

Hypersensitivity and Autism We hear a lot about the hypersensitivity of people with autism, and I wanted to actually take a minute to give you an example of just one area in

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Hugs and Autism: I Want to Help U Get Better

Hugs and Autism. Just the two words together seem overwhelming. Hugging presents such a difficult topic for many families in which someone is autistic. While some researchers are starting to

Autism and Resolutions: Resolve in August, Celebrate at the New Year!

  Yeah, I know, it is September.  Not only did I miss August, but why am I talking about New Year's resolutions now? There is some irony in talking about goal setting

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