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Her Life’s Work

The Most Important Similarity between Accommodations and Competitive Advantage

In the world of issues like autism, ADD/ADHD, mental illness, physical illness/disability, terms like “504 plan,” “IEP,” and “accommodations” are commonplace. As a multi-outcome-single-tasker, however, I want to suggest that along that same vein

Life with Autism: Celebrate What You Are Actually Doing!

Have you ever felt just totally defeated when you were in a time of crisis, or maybe every day felt like a crisis? Or maybe you have found yourself telling a friend or family

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Autism and Employment: Why Difficulty in School May Not Indicate Difficulty at Work

Autism and Employment Many autistic people with whom I speak express concern about working or about their loved one with autism working. All too frequently, they cite the difficulty of themselves or their autist

7 Traits High Functioning Autists Should Rely On to Drive Them to Success!

Some of the traits listed here are highly visible and commonly associated with high functioning autism. Others may be invisible to the outside observer, but I think most of you autists will see yourselves here. These

Autism at Work: How to Meet a Meeting in the Middle

I Don't Love Meetings When employed, I have to drag my autistic self to meetings at work. I could love meetings, but I don’t. I could love them if they were efficient, productive and

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After a Diagnosis of Autism, Life Became “Decidedly” Easier

I Had Learned a Lot about the World... Making decisions without information can easily result in making wrong or at least less than optimal decisions. I made major life decisions without a critical piece of

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