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The Most Important Similarity between Accommodations and Competitive Advantage

In the world of issues like autism, ADD/ADHD, mental illness, physical illness/disability, terms like “504 plan,” “IEP,” and “accommodations” are commonplace. As a multi-outcome-single-tasker, however, I want to suggest that along that same vein

“Twas the Night Before Christmas” Through the Eyes of an Autist

Growing up, I had no idea I was an autist. But there were certain things I loved or that stood out for me and the story "Twas the Night Before Christmas" was one of

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Autism and Socialization: When Socialization is a Conscious Process

Given our tremendous educational systems and attention to learning and growth, it is amazing to me that we still think of one of the most important learning processes as unconscious. The Sociology Guide defines

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Life with Autism: Celebrate What You Are Actually Doing!

Have you ever felt just totally defeated when you were in a time of crisis, or maybe every day felt like a crisis? Or maybe you have found yourself telling a friend or family

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Lessons on Autism Acceptance from “The Princess and the Pea” (for Old and Young Alike!)

Autism Acceptance For the autism community, autism acceptance appears to be a distant goal. Because of my experiences and those shared with me by others, autism acceptance has become an important issue

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Compensating for Autism by Capturing Simple, Everyday Efficiencies [with Audio]

Compensating for Autism Not long ago, I read the post of a friend on Facebook. In her post, she was bemoaning the role of never-ending laundry in her life. Granted, she has

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