10 Things You Experienced As an Autistic Woman (Plus 1 Thing You Hopefully Experienced)

10 Things You Probably Experienced If You’re an Autistic Woman

  1. You’ve heard that Autism doesn’t exist in girls and women. Even as you stand there – a woman with autism. Huh.
  2. People believe you don’t have autism if you make eye contact with them.
  3. Everything feels like it takes you more steps than when you see others do the same thing.
  4. A “To Do” list can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t control it yourself.
  5. People want to “coach” you so you can be normal, OR no one wants to help and support you.
  6. People suggest that you practice making facial expressions in the mirror so you can fake it in social situations.
  7. Doing things your way is effective and often more efficient than the way others would do the same thing. Yet, doing so, draws comments, suggestions, funny looks, and correction.
  8. You wish people could understand that there is a purpose to your actions. You think that maybe they should ask you questions before assuming that you don’t know what you are doing.
  9. You are not without feelings, rather you feel very deeply. You just don’t always communicate those feelings so people assume you don’t have them.
  10. People do not hear you when you express a need or they tell you your need is wrong. Sometimes they go so far as to tell you that you that you look fine so you must be.

1 Thing You Hopefully Experienced

Hopefully you have experienced the feeling/knowledge that…

Autistic Woman

If not, no worries, you can stop and feel that way now, because you are enough. Just you.

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