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What if I told you it was possible to…

…Say Goodbye to Negativity and Resources That Don’t Fit

You have read a bunch about autism and, well, the stuff you have read probably isn’t so very encouraging, it isn’t very helpful in practical terms, and it certainly isn’t very affordable. Worse, maybe the resources you have found focus on the science of autism, a science in its infancy, and while it is super interesting reading (yawn!), it isn’t moving your forward in school, at work, or in life. Finally, it is about men and boys, so it doesn’t really feel like it fits you (or your beautiful daughters!)

…Send the Judgment of Others Packing

These resources discount that not only are you responsible for all of the things neurotypical people manage, you have a plate full of all of the extra “stuff” that comes with autism. All the while you are dealing with more than the average person, others are discussing you as though you are somehow less than the rest of the world. How does that even make sense?

…Get Out in Front of Your Challenges

Spinning your wheels, putting out fires, and living in a world that refuses to accept you only places additional stress upon you. In addition, at some point along the way, your support network (your friends) may have disappeared leaving you to figure this out on your own. Nice! What would it be like to get out in front of these stressors???

…Realize Your Potential!!!

You know you are smart, you are capable, and you are willing. But you don’t know HOW. You don’t know HOW to make all this stuff simpler, more affordable, and, dare I say it, enjoyable!

Why the FREE Resource Library?

After receiving my own autism diagnosis, I went online to see what resources were available for girls and women with autism. I was shocked, saddened, and disappointed by what I found. Where was “help” that was helpful???

Maybe it was because growing up I didn’t know of my autism, but I was never one to believe that my goals were not possible. I have never bought into stereotypes or generalizations, and I hope you don’t either.

My autism never stopped me, and autism should not stop you! 

Having lived the first 44 years of my life not knowing of my autism, I had developed workarounds and solutions to any and every challenge I had confronted! Now, I want to share those solutions with you!

So I set out to create a resource that provides  encouragement, support, and solutions for girls and women like me. The newest step in this adventure is the creation of the FREE Resource Library. I want you to have the tools you need to not only survive in relationships, school, and your career, but to be and feel amazing in those endeavors!

To that end, the resources I am creating will show you how to identify simple, manageable ways to get out in front of the challenges you face. Better yet, they will how you that those “challenges” are actually nothing more than doable little steps toward the accomplishment of your very own goals and aspirations. 

So dream away and let me know how I can help you!!

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