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Yes, There Is Such a Thing As Adults with Autism

One in sixty-eight kids are believed to have autism. That is the statistic everyone hears. Look at it again. One in sixty-eight “children.” What

What Has To Happen for Autism Acceptance?

The controversy around Autism Awareness Month continues, but the controversy continues to grow. In the past the argument centered on autism awareness versus autism

Could I Have Autism? Is That Even Possible?

It Can’t Be ME, But It Can’t NOT Be ME “Could I have autism?" you wonder. "It can’t be me,” you think. “I don’t

Autism Awareness, Acceptance, or Action: Where Are We Really?

One of my contributions to Autism Awareness Month this year is going to be to take a look at where we really are.

6 Style Suggestions You May Want to Ignore If You Are A Woman With Autism

The World Cares Seriously, the world cares what you wear. I don’t know why, but it does. “Dress for success,” and all that. As

Autism Awareness Month: I Am Not a Puzzle Piece

We're closing in on April, so that means it's almost time for Autism Awareness Month. In the past, Autism Awareness Month found itself surrounded

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What Her Autism is All About

Our Vision

To be a premier provider of everyday solutions for autists living in a neurotypical world.

Our Mission

To provide a platform and to deliver information and services girls and women living with autism in a neurotypical world.

Our Promise

To provide a safe, natural, judgment-free environment in which to learn, share and grow.

Our Philosophy

To provide a customizable, step-by-step, forward-focused, whole-family approach with an emphasis on preparedness and optimization. We always celebrate wins!