6 Factors In Deciding Whether To Disclose Your Autism Diagnosis

So you may be thinking about seeking an autism diagnosis, or maybe you have just been diagnosed. This diagnosis maybe came as a "holy-cow-how-did-this-happen?" kind of shock. (I kept wondering how in the world I was just being diagnosed at the age of 44!) Maybe in addition to being a

9 Essentials for Creating a Life You Love with Her Autism

You are so important to me. You are why I created Her Autism. Because I care about YOU! Your struggles matter to me. That maybe I could help you avoid going through all of the things I have gone through gives me hope that maybe I went through those things for a reason. The

How My Autism Diagnosis Helped Me Communicate More Effectively

Sometimes Tough Problems Can Be Solved… Before my autism diagnosis, I experienced confusion as some adults seemed to perceive me in a manner that was wholly inconsistent with my self-perception. This contradiction troubled me. What’s more, I was a polarizing person. People either really liked me or really didn't. It was hard to understand

Coming Home: The Clarity of Knowing My Confusion Stemmed from Autism

People frequently ask me whether I am glad I was diagnosed with autism, whether I am glad I know. One day, my daughter Emma spoke with my mom about my diagnosis. She later told me that my mom kept saying, “If we had known, things would have been different.” That sentiment exactly mirrors how I feel.

The Gift of a Servant’s Heart and an Autistic Mind

A Servant's Heart In this life, I have been blessed with a servant's heart and an autistic mind. I have questioned many things in this world but never my purpose. I exist to serve. For this season, I believe my purpose is to serve a community of like-minded individuals, and more specifically, autistic-minded individuals,